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Author Bio: George E Lockett – HealerGeorge

For the last 32 years I have been focusing on personal development, involving the study of yoga and meditation and turning the attention in on itself.

This process has led me to some amazing realizations about who the person within the body is, and how this individual awareness interacts with the Universal Mind of the Creator God.

About eight years ago, I started practising as a Spiritual Healer.  I find the connection that I make to the more subtle energies within myself helps with the effectiveness of my Healing work.  I have practised in most parts of the UK, taking a stand at Mind, Body and Spirit Fairs around the country and internationally.

I found also that being aware at these subtle levels opens one's awareness to Spirit and allows the communication to take place between one's senses and those people in Spirit that may wish to communicate from the other side of the veil.  This ability allows me to work as a Medium in the Spiritualist Churches.

Books by George E. Lockett
A Journey Into the Self : The multi-dimensional nature of being human
A Journey Into the Self : The multi-dimensional nature of being human
by George E. Lockett

ISBN: 1419628925
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