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About the author

 Wilhelmina McKittrick was born in Amsterdam , The Netherlands in 1969.

 She grew up half aware and mostly ignoring her spiritual sensitivity until she was confronted with the severe loss of her fiancé when he was killed in a tragic car accident.

 The many messages she had received beforehand were believed now and she opened up to her spiritual side that had been hidden for far too long.

 Learning to trust and understand what she perceived became two of her most important lessons.

 Through clairaudience, visions, tarot, crystals, empathic connection with energy fields and insights in many different forms and ways she receives teachings for herself and others in need of assistance and hands out tools to redirect them into the direction that belongs to their hearts.

 Wilhelmina McKittrick is a spiritual teacher, author, artist, and healer guided by the Light. 

You can contact her via email address:  

 And visit her websites at:

Books by Wilhelmina McKittrick
Xsist for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self
Xsist for Reflection and Contemplation with your Inner Self
by Wilhelmina McKittrick

ISBN: 0595394027
Price: US$ 17.95, Available worldwide on

Check Availability from:
United Kingdom
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