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I was born in the UK in 1965 (A very good year I believe) and moved to Australia in 1980 with my family. For the first five years of life I had problems hearing and after two operations to release pressure I was able to hear properly. School was academically challenging for me until I moved to Australia , when I blossomed in many areas.




My mid teens to mid twenties I was involved in the sport of Fencing and for several years I was part of the Australian Fencing team and travelled the world. At the same time I was involved in a Science degree program. In my mid to late twenties I became a fully qualified Teacher with a Bachelor of teaching. I specialised in children with disabilities which took me from Brisbane to Country Queensland. In my early thirties I met another teacher, Simone and we were wed in Mackay. During our marriage I overcame a long time addiction to alcohol and cigarette smoking and started on a journey that led to living in India, where I learned the art of meditation. Shortly after this I became a successful Tarot reader and Yoga teacher. I moved to Sweden in my late thirties to pursue this and on my return to Cairns I worked in a growing organic food shop and just as I was about to become a partner my body started to do some strange things.




I was diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis that was severe, and had several near death experiences. At this time I became very conscious and had many realizations that were life changing. Still my body was Sick.




Finally I made a demand and left Australia with a “heal or die attitude.” It was in England that I started something called Access Energy Transformation, which facilitated more awareness for me, gave me tools to deal with life, clearings to move old patterns and body work that helped enhance my body. I started to heal immediately.




The book is a result of this change and is written to enable people to empower themselves, to find out what is true for them. It is not an alternative but more like an augmentative tool kit.




My latest projects include another book called “The Future History of Mumble and Jumble” which I am co authoring with Gabi Plumm (author of “Registered Under Another Name”), about two children that live extraordinary lives using the tools that have been highlighted in this book. A talking book of ‘Curing the Incurable’ and a fictional sequel based around my recent transformation and links to a past life in the eleventh century entitled ‘The Wailer of Grief.’

Books by Liam Phillips
Curing the Incurable - creating health with ease
Curing the Incurable - creating health with ease
by Liam Phillips

ISBN: 0984783030
Price: US$ 25, Available worldwide on

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