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Suzanna Marcus is an internationally known Spiritual Teacher,  healer and author who travels the globe leading individuals and groups in personal development and transformation. 

She has been in holistic private practise, teaching and embracing individuals and groups since the 1980’s. Her experience is a culmination of extensive training in healing, alternative medicine, counselling, channelling and the visual arts.  This background has provided Suzanna with particular gifts, offering others a unique healing experience. Suzanna is dedicated to raising levels of consciousness and awakens us to the path of creative divinity that exists within each one of us connecting us to our full potential.


Suzanna facilitates and counsels leaders and managers, individuals in their personal and work life, partners and couples, groups and teams to move to new levels of self-awareness and hence personal development. She enhances the ability to show up authentically and to gain a heightened sense of well being, inner harmony and interpersonal effectiveness at work, at home, at play and in relationships.

  For over 20 years, Suzanna has run a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups, and sharing her multi-faceted experience in healing, alternative medicine, counseling, and the fine arts .Her background has given her particular gifts that she offers others in a unique healing experience. She is dedicated to raising levels of consciousness, awakening people to the path of creative divinity which exists within each one of us, and connecting people to their full potential.

Suzanna is a graduate of the College of Healing, Malvern, UK, and a Healer Member of the UK’s National Federation of Spiritual Healers. She is also qualified in various complementary healing modalities, including Bioenergetics, Reflexology, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Counselling.  For over a decade she  studied and works with David Cousins Master Spiritual Teacher and healer of Wales. In addition she is a graduate of the Avni College of Fine Art, Israel. Born in England, Suzanna resides in Israel

Suzanna was given only 6 Months to live in 1998 when she faced stage 111 Breast Cancer. She created a path for her healing and overcame the challenge of ill health without conventional chemical or radiation treatment. 

Suzanna is a professional Motivational speaker and published author.

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