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Dr. Mark Sircus, one of the most prolific writers in medicine, holds the honorary title of doctor of Oriental medicine and was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States. He was trained in acupuncture and oriental medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, N.M., and in the School of Traditional Medicine of New England in Boston. He served at the Central Public Hospital of Pochutla, in Mexico.

For many years he has been researching into the human condition and into the causes of disease. His primary focus in recent years has been the study of environmental toxicity and iatrogenic diseases. He has written extensively on the poisons in the environment, in our foods, medicines and dental practices. Dr. Sircus is the director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA), which is advocating radical changes in orthodox medicine.

His research and writings bring forth information that others wish to be hidden and he is without doubt “a flame of wonderful insight” and many are thankful for his wisdom and courage. Some people think him a genius in his own right and “his methods of attacking chronic disease beautiful and to the point.”

His work Natural Allopathic Medicine represents a revolution in medical thinking laying the groundwork for a future of medicine free from the poisonous rein of pharmaceutical companies. He envisions a future for medicine that is rational, effective and safe.

When one reads one of his numerous medical books one can see his discipline and regard for medical science. Though his works are heavily referenced to researchers and clinicians from around the globe the layperson finds little difficulty in understanding his presentation of medical topics.

Dr. Sircus has distilled many of the divergent medical systems and paradigms to an essence that provides a roadmap toward a unified medicine that can be practiced by allopath and non allopath alike. He sees the restoration of the Hippocratic spirit in medicine as vital for he feels that without heart, without love medicine will never serve humanity as it desperately needs to be served.

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