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Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, 2nd Edition
by Colin C. Tipping [edit]

Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, 2nd Edition
********** 10 Stars!
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Editorial Reviews
Neale Donald Walsch
"…the most exciting book on forgiveness to come out in a very long! I am recommending it to everyone."

Caroline M. Myss, PhD
"I LOVE This Book! We can never say enough about how to achieve this arduous task."

John Bradshaw
"This superb book makes genuine forgiveness possible, enabling us to move beyond pain and heal our lives."

About the Author
Colin Tipping is an award winning author, international speaker and workshop leader. Educated at London University, he is the Founder/Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching Inc., and founder of the International Center for Reconciliation and Mediation Through Radical Forgiveness, Inc. a non-profit corporation. He is also the Founder/Director of Together-We-heal, Inc. a non-profit organization providing emotional and spiritual healing for people with cancer.

Book Description
This is NOT just another book on forgiveness; this one provides the necessary tools to help you forgive profoundly, more or less instantaneously and with ease.

First published in 1997, this 2nd Edition builds on the success of the first edition which has changed hundreds if not thousands of lives.

This book will more than likely change your life. It will transform how you view your past and what is occurring for you in the present, especially where relationships are concerned. Unlike other forms of forgiveness, radical forgiveness is easily achieved and virtually immediate, enabling you to let go of being a victim, open your heart and raise your vibration. The simple, easy-to-use tools provided help you let go of the emotional baggage of the past and to feel the joy of living in total surrender to the process of life as it unfolds, however it unfolds. The result is vastly increased happiness, personal power and freedom.

Free yourself..., January 29, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Calgary, Alberta Canada
There is only one word I can use to describe how I feel after reading this book, and that is free... release yourself from blaming others, and embrace the lessons your soul is setting out for you... fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Highly Recommended and very timely!, October 13, 1998
Reviewer: An Customer
As with all great books, it is not so much what is written, but where it leads you. And this book leads the reader(if they are ready)on the first steps of a wonderful journey where one can lovingly let go of what is holding us back from being who we really are.In that discovery we can find out the answers to those elusive questions,"Who am I?" "What am I here for?" Believe me this journey can be a little confronting in the beginning and if one is not ready to let go of one's garbage I can see where some people may react negatively. I was so impressed with the results in my life, I hired the author to come up to our company and do the two day workshop with all our staff. It was the best thing we could have done. The changes in over 50 people have been genuine and positively impacted our business.Personally I would recommend the workshop, the book is great but I feel the opportunity for spiritual growth is limited in reading a book.

Colin C. Tipping (Biography)

Colin Tipping, M.Ed., is an experienced teacher, minister, counselor, hypnotherapist, award winning author and workshop leader. He was educated at London University and at Middlesex University where he also taught for 10 years before emmigrating to the U.S., in 1984. He has conducted workshops on forgiveness for many years and is the founder of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching. He also co-founder of The Georgia CancerHelp Program and 'Together-We-Heal,' Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to emotional and spiritual healing.

Book Description
Radical Forgiveness: Through this book reader will find a new level of insight about their life, their relationships and what they had considered, prior to reading this book, their problems. The simple, easy-to-use tools for Radical Forgiveness help people transform their lives and to feel the joy of life as it unfolds - however it unfolds. Radical Forgiveness, unlike other forms of forgiveness, acts on our psyche in such a way as to enable us to let go of the victim archetype, open our hearts and raise our vibration. This is the healing that we need, and that the whole world needs, if the next great leap in spiritual evolution is to occur. 

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