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What is the Liver Flush?   What is the Gallbladder Flush?

Procedure of cleansing the liver by taking consecutive flushes every 2 weeks and curing the "Incurable Diseases"

The liver flush is a procedure designed for cleansing the liver and the gallbladder.  It usually includes drinking some oil and some fruit juice.  Beside oil and juice, different recipes are asking for taking other drinks, like Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate) or Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Chloride or Coca Cola, or egg yolks. On this web page you will find 15 different recipes for the Amazing Liver Flush. If you follow this link,  you will find hundreds of stories left by those who cured the "Incurable Diseases" by flushing the liver.  Hundreds of educational storis are to be found on  the next link.  The liver flush usually takes only 16 hours of your evening and your night, but you are suppose to repeat the procedure every 2-4 weeks to achieve maximum benefits. A single liver flush may improve your health for the next few weeks. A series of 5-15 liver flushes done every 2-3 weeks, can improve your health for the next several months or even several years and can help you cure some of the worst "incurable diseases" like life-long  psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne, seborrheic dermatitis, fatty liver, gallstones attack, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, peeling lips (exfoliative cheilitis), extreme body odor, candida fungal infection, PCOS, MS, PMS, CFS, ME, clinical depression, schisophrenia, etc.  If you have any questions unanswered on this page,  following the next link will bring you to the Frequently Asked Questions on the Liver Flush.

The Most Simple Liver Flush and Gallbladder Flush recipe

This is the most simple recipe, and is god enough for relatively healthy kids, teenagers and relatively healthy young adults who only suffer from some less serious health problems like teen acne, child eczema, smely sweat, child seborrheic dermatitis, peeling lips, arm pain, shoulder pain, dry skin, cracked nails, weak hair, ring worm, pinworms, etc.  If you are a healthy young person, no serious health conditons, just some annoying skin, face, nail or hair problems, this recipe is good enough for you.

Ingredients (The Most Simple Liver Flush):

1.    one large grapefruit or 2 smaller grapefruits, enough to squeeze 1/2 cup of fresh juice ( other fruit can be used! )

2.    1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil  ( or any other natural oil )


Body weight and the dose relation

If you are a small child or a small adult, you can drink half of this dose.  You are considered small, if your body weight is below 30-40 kg (60 - 80 lbs).

If you are afraid to do liver flush, you can also try 1/2 of the full adult dose.

If you are extremely afraid to do liver flush, you can try 1/4 of the full adult dose.

If your body weight is between 30kg(60 lbs) and 60kg (120 lbs), you can drink 2/3 of this amount.

If your body weight is  between 60kg(120 lbs) and 90kg (200 lbs), you can drink the complete 1 cup of the mixture.

If your body weight is over 90kg (200 lbs), you can drink more than 1 cup of the mixture, but not the first time you are doing the liver flush.  The first time you are doing the liver flush it is more then enough to drink 1 cup of the mixture.



The procedure;  The most simple liver flush

The day of the flush: eat light breakfast and a light lunch, not much fat, not much spices.  Do not eat anything after 2pm (14:00).
You can drink water after 2 pm, but do not eat, and do not take any food or any pills or vitamins after 2pm.
Do not do any strenous exercises. Choose a day like Saturday, day when you have nothing difficult to do. You can walk, but don't run.

Do not drink water or anything else after 7pm (19:00)
If you are very thisty, you can drink small amount of water. It is important that you are both thisty and hungry in the evening. That will make it possible to drink the juice with oil and to enyoj it.

At 9:55 pm (21:55)  squeeze fresh juice from the grapefruit.
You don't need a juicer. You can squeeze the juice by using you hands and a spoon.

Blend 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed juice with 1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Drink the mixture slowly at 10pm ( 22:00 ).
Walk out slowly for one to two hours making sure you are not feeling like throwing up the mixture. Try to burp, if you feel heavy in your stomach.
Make sure you do not have a lot of gas in your stomach, before you go to sleep.  Around midnight go to sleep.  The day after you may have loose stool or diarrhea. You may see some hard green or yellow objects in your poop. That is hardened bile. Some of those smaller objects may have existed in your liver or your gallbladder in that size or shape, while some of the larger objects may have been formed overnight in your intestines  from the bile and smaller objects flushed out by your liver and your gallbladder. 

Repeat this procedure every 2-3 weeks, to completely cure food intolerance, acne, peeling lips, dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, ingrown toenails, pinworms, topical steroids addiction, alcohol addiction, etc.

Can it be done at other times? Can it be done in the morning, or during the day?

Yes, you can do it in the morning.  You can drink the mixture in the morning,  just make sure you are never too far away from a toilet.
You should have at least 2 hours to slowly walk after you drink the cup with oil-juice mixture.  Walking helps digest the juice.

Can I use juice from some other fruit?

Yes, you can use: lemons, limes, oranges, pomelo, pineapple, granate apple, acid apple juice, grape juice etc.

Can I use some other oil?

Yes, you can use sunflower oil, corn oil, soy oil etc.

Does oil passes through the liver and the gallbladder?

Not immediately after being consumed. Oil actually goes through intestines just alike any other food we consume, and while it is inside our stomach and inside our duodenum, it stimulates liver to produce more bile, and it stimulates gallbladder (if you still have it) to squeeze itself and to empy its content into the duodenum. But, after the oil have been digested, and fatty acids have been absorbed into the blood stream,  fatty acids are carried by the blood stream (portal vein) directly into the liver, so on the long run, oil actually enters the liver, caried by blood.



Do you have Gallstones?  If Yes, read this first!

The Liver Flush Recipes

  1. Andreas Moritz - The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush  - very popular recipe

  2. "Dr. Hulda Clark's" Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush Recipe - this recipe is the most popular because it is one of the best of all liver flush recipes (for majority of people) - tens of thousands have done this flush with no problems, most likely this recipe evolved from the recipe used by Hanna Kroeger in her book: "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves"!

  3.  William Donald Kelley's Liver Flush protocol - from "One Answer to Cancer" - similar to recipe explained by Hulda Clark, but, this one was published in his book more then 20 years ago!

  4. "Dr. Claude M. Lewis" Cleanse from: "Are you 'Stoned'?" Relatively new book...

  5. Liver Flush Protocol with Orthophosphoric Acid and apple juice

  6. "Classic Coke" Liver Flush and Gallbladder Cleanse.

  7. Gallstones Cleanse from "Cleansing or Surgery" book. New book

  8. 1 pint Olive Oil Liver Cleanse Recipe- Liver Flush
  9. Liver & Gallbladder Flush -  7day program
  10. Recipe told by grandma Nada Old recipe - very simple
  11. Coconut Oil gradual Liver Cleanse Recipe
  12. Castor Oil Liver and Intestines Flush Recipe

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Warning



Liver cleansing recipe is the same as gall bladder cleansing recipe!
Cleansing of both organs is achieved by the same procedure!

Liver flush - Use of Colander

Bowel cleanse & Liver/gallbladder cleanse (together with parasites cleanse) is really the most simple way to start curing acne, high cholesterol, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, allergies, gallstones, food intolerance, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, upper back pain, arm pain, gallstones attack, liver pain, gallbladder pain, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, heartburn, bloating, inflammatory bowel disease IBD, IBS, colitis, constipation, cancer, AIDS, MS, FMS, MSC, CFIDS/CFS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, seizures, osteoporosis, angina pectoris... Read and learn how to help yourself !

Start with reading different recipes for liver flush/cleanse. There are 9 recipes for liver flush, and several pages describing different procedures for gradual liver cleanse.

Liver Flush Survey

This survey is aimed at people who have at least once tried a Liver/Gallbladder Flush.  If you have never tried a liver flush,   you should not participate in this survey.  Instead, you can proceed directly to the survey results.  Soon, there will be other survey aimed at people who have never tried a liver flush.

Liver Flush is a very popular cleansing method and results achieved are sometimes very dramatic.  Enter the liver flush forum and click on the recommended messages link.  You will find large number of stories, from people who often achieved almost "miraculous" healing.

How safe is the flush?  How effective? For who? Are there people who should not do the flush?

Internet survey is the cheapest way of finding a fairly reliable answer to those questions.

Survey results:


Large amount of bile moving from gallbladder into duodenum may carry some stones out into duodenum!

That way, liver flush may help get the gallstones out.  A single liver flush may not be enough.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

Are there any risks associated with gallstones and gallbladder flushing?

Risks are small, but 1 out of 150 people with symptomatic gallstones may experience stone stuck inside the cystic duct or stone stuck inside the common bile duct. Source: Reference

1 out of 150 people  with symptomatic gallstones who try liver flush may experience serious case of acute pancreatitis and may need emergency medical help! Source: Reference

If you have asymptomatic gallstones, the odds are in the range of 1 out of 500.

Read more here about the risks associated with liver flushing:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

How many people with symptomatic gall stones experience cure after liver flushing?

56 of 121 =  46%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones experience improvement after liver flushing?

55 of 115 =  48%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones regretted liver flushing?

2 of 158 =  1%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gall stones got worse after liver flushing?

4 of 131 =  3%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones got no improvement after liver flushing?

6 of 104 =  6%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones experienced SERIOUS case of acute pancreatitis after liver flushing?

1 of 141 =  1%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones experienced MILD case of acute pancreatitis after liver flushing?

5 of 147 =  3%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones experienced STRONG gallbladder attack during a liver flush?

1 of 141 =  1%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones experienced MEDIUM strong gallbladder attack during a liver flush?

18 of 147 =  12%   Source: Reference

How many people with symptomatic gallstones experienced MILD gallbladder attack during a liver flush?

11 of 147 =  7%   Source: Reference


# of flushes % of people cured
1 flush 13%
2 flushes 23%
3 flushes 31%
4 flushes 41%
5 flushes 43%
6 flushes 36%
7 - 10 flushes 51%
11-15 flushes 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

Differences Between Extra-Virgin, Fine Virgin, and Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil

Answers are illustrated with over 800 personal stories!

Safety Questions:

Science & Facts Questions:

Experience Questions:



Read also at least 20 messages posted in Liver Flush Forum:

Liver Flush & Gallstones Support Forum
(for people who need support beyond doubt)

Liver Flush & Gallstones Debate Forum: Questioning Liver & Gallbladder Flush
(for skeptics and alike who need to ask questions already answered in FAQ)

  Join Gallstones Support Group on Yahoo

Over 100.000 messages have been archived in Liver Flush Forum archives: 
Archive # 14 , # 13, # 12 , # 11 , # 10 , # 9 , # 8 , # 7 , # 6 , # 5 , # 4 , # 3 , # 2 , # 1

Gradual Liver / gallbladder Cleansing

Those cleansing procedures can be done several times a week, regardless if you are flushing or not.

Liver Health & Gallstones

  1. Gallstones Attack Curing Protocol (short) - by Dale

  2. Gallstones Attack Curing Protocol (long) - full program.

  3. Liver Health protocol

  4. Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Cleanse web site

  5. Gallstones Story "The Third View"


NEW For Your Eyes Only
500 Photo Images

Cleansing Photo Gallery


Read Testimonials:

Result of Liver/gallbladder Flush.

Intrahepatic Stones - Stones Inside Liver Bile Ducts


Combine Gallstones Flush with  Castor oil Packs

 Gallstones Cleanse Web Site

Now, after you have read all of the above, you are ready for the liver flush !

Ingredients for liver cleanse - gallbladder cleanse:


1/2 Cup(= 1.25 dl) Olive Oil Extra Virgin

1 Big grapefruit (2 small) (Or use 3 lemons)

4 tablespoons of  EPSOM salts =  MgSO4 = Magnesium Sulfate

3 cups water (=750 dl)

(P.S .!! 1 cup = 250 ml = 2.5 dl = 0.25 l )


Gallbladder surgically removed:
Liver cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, hepatic bile ducts cleanse, Gallstones flush, avoid surgery
This photo was obtained from Edward C. Klatt MD, University of Utah Health Science Center, which retains the copyright. Multiple yellow-tan faceted gallstones are seen in the opened gallbladder pictured here.
It is possible for a stone to exit the gallbladder via the cystic duct. It may then produce obstruction of cystic duct, or it may get into the common bile duct and obstruct that. It may obstruct at the ampulla of Vater and produce a pancreatitis. Biliary tract obstruction leads to jaundice with increased total and direct bilirubin in serum .
Judging from the size of the stones, and  from the number, those stones have been created inside liver, inside hepatic bile ducts, and then have rolled down to the gallbladder.

People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.
When your gallbladder is so full of stones, you can count that you already have at least 1000 stones inside your liver !
Note: Gallstones are not only tann/green in color. They can be of any color !

Liver cleanse - Gallbladder cleanse - Liver flush - NO surgery


 Make sure you are able to tolerate Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) before you attempt to consume 4 tablespoons.

People unable to tolerate Magnesium Sulfate may suffer negative reaction, even death.

Several people died from the results of Epsom Salt overdose.

Fatal Hypermagnesemia Caused by an Epsom Salt Enema Fatal Hypermagnesemia Caused by an Epsom Salt Enema   PDF   51.2 KB

Tampabay Nurse error spotlights drug s danger Tampabay Nurse error spotlights drug's danger   PDF   12.2 KB

Dying To Get Well  Dying To Get Well   PDF   2 MB

E Numbers Food Additives Classification E Numbers Food Additives Classification PDF   229.6 KB


Water filters and water ionizers:  Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer


Gallbladder Surgery Statistics

"Gallbladder Surgery is the most common surgical procedure in North America.
Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and  more than 50,000 people in Canada undergo surgery to remove their gallbladders because of gallstones."

Approximately 80% of all gallstones show no symptoms and may remain "silent" for years."


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