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Domestic Violence Survey Results
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Explanations submitted by users who selected the next option:
1  What is the definition of domestic violence or abuse? Please, click on the URL beneath question #9 for a complete explanation of domestic violence and abuse.
1 Screaming, verbal insults, verbal threats, unwarrented criticism, ridicule, humiliation. 46 of 201 23%
4686  I was the victim of domestic violence in more than one relationship.    12 year ago  
4786  I was in a physically, sexually, and every other way, abusive relationship for 7 years! He "got ahold" of my heart, then went on. I kept in touch with him, after the last of 3 restraining orders was served, except while married, out of fear and retaliation - I kept in touch with him, because I left him. He died a couple of months ago, and the bondage of fear has been lifted! I had several injuries, all reported, but always went back (he knew, that way I couldn't sue him for those injuries). He was a sociopath. Our "relationship" after the 7 years was up, is known as trauma bonding. Now that I'm in my "golden years" those old injuries are showing up big-time.    12 year ago  
4947  I was in 2 horribly abusive marriages for 10 years each. I was exposed to all of the above abuses. I finally realized that I could not change the abuser, but had to change myself and that gave me courage to leave. My 3rd husband is very good to me, although he may smart off once in awhile, it is nothing like I'd been through before.    12 year ago  
5324  domestic violence is about control. The perpetrator of violence is aggressing against the victim, who is being attacked. The two people are not "engaged in a fight" as though it is 50-50. As it is about control, violence is physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual. The abuser is in a position of power over the victim.    11 year ago  
5378     11 year ago  
5495  Been there, done that. All of it.Got away. Lots of courage to do that.
In law school now.    5 year ago
5823  exactly as it sounds... there are several types of abuse.. they can occur in any situation, the office, the school, the home, etc., Also, usually the only form of abuse that is *ever* recognized is severe battery, I add the word severe because sometimes Police won't take someone seriously without enough bruising. Domestic Violence is anything within an atypical home environment.


Let's just say every thing that is clicked has been experienced by myself.

--    9 year ago
6187  Blaming, name calling, threatening to hit my to the point he goes to jail and does not care.    8 year ago  
6440  Ive been the subject of every single one of those. Going through it is a lot worse than it sounds.    6 year ago  

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