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Forum "Commando"

What is a Forum "Commando"?

A Forum "Commando" is a person who abuses forums by deleting his own messages and leaving meaningless threads.

A Forum "Commando" is just like any other user. He/she participates in discussions, asks legitimate questions, posts legitimate answers.  You can not recognize a forum "Commando" by reading his/her messages.

It is what a forum "Commando" does later that makes him/her a problem.

A forum "Commando" returns to his old messages, and removes everything, not leaving even a message subject. No explanation. No reason. Just a blank message.

"Commando" jumps into a threaded forum, locates his/her own messages and then he/she  erases any trace and any sign of his presence, leaving forum threads deserted,  meaningless, skeletons that are of no value to future visitors.

What is left after a "Commando" visits a forum are threads with holes, so that replies that are still there are more or less meaningless.

A "Commando" abuses good forum visitors by asking questions, receiving meaningful replies from them,  but after removing his own messages and questions, ... those replies are not anymore meaningful ... and those people spending their time to discuss or answer questions have now been abused ... as their messages are more or less useless... 

Examples of threads deserted by a forum "Commando"

Both, support and debate forums can be attacked by a forum commando!

No forum that offers edit option is immune to a forum commando attack!

How to stop a forum commando?

Forum commandos should not have edit message privileges!

If it is impossible to limit a forum commando's edit privileges, you should take away his/her posting privileges.




We have The Privacy Manager    that can be used to remove a username from all message inside a single forum.
The Privacy Manager can also be used for hiding all messages from CureZone search .. so that nobody can find your messages when searching CureZone.

Those options are enough to protect privacy .. and there is no reason for
"Commando" style termination of all messages inside a single forum.

Removing a username is usually enough to disassociate any message from your name.

Any violation of any of our policies may result in termination of your access to CureZone, deactivation or deletion of your account and all related information and files in your account, and preclusion of any further access to such files or CureZone, without prior notice.

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