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FAQ About Forums at CureZone

If you need answers; if you need help; if you need support; if you want to help others; if you want to share your story with others; if you are ill; if you are healthy; if you want to learn; if you need an inspiration; if you like to learn about health;  then cure forums are the right place for you. It is free, it is easy, and it is the best way to learn about health.  Those forums are place where you can communicate your experience or your fear with hundreds of other people who are looking for answers in alternative medicine. 

Many procedures discussed here may be considered quackery by your doctor or by your friends.  We prefer to let each visitor make his/her own opinion on what is quackery. One mans medicine is another mans poison.

Trolling Forums? What is a Curezone policy?

Please, take some time to write your story down, and share it with the rest of us. Every day, from 40.000 to 60.000 people are reading messages posted on CureZone forums. Every story is valuable, every experience is important, good or bad.  Forums and groups are as close as you can get to the information of value, when it comes to health, healing & medicine.  You can ask questions, answer questions, ask for support and offer support.

Forum Posting Guidelines

How can I expand all forum messages on a single forum page?

How can I view entire discussion thread on a single page?

What is the meaning of this sign Video or Audio Embedded  ?
It means the message contains wideo embedded or just linked to. Video or Audio Embedded

To learn more about subjects discussed in forums, you are advised to research CureZone web site.  You should at least research the main links placed at the header of this page. By avoiding to put your real name and your email, you can be 100% anonymous, when posting your story here.   As nobody knows who you are, you can feel free to talk about subjects like feces, diarrhea, parasites, relationships, sex, abuse, depression, health,  ... whatever. You do not have to feel embarrassed to share your story with us.  Welcome!

Most forums have several pages. By default, you will access the last page, page containing 20 - 30 last topics and all the answers posted to those topics.

Some forums are archived. You can still read them, and you can still post a reply to existing topics in those forums.

Where and how can I make a donation?

Answer: If you would like to make a donation, please click here!

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